Introduction to the Leprechaun Investor

To kick this blog off, I’ll provide a short intro to give a context on my background and why this blog may be useful to you  –  or not, if you don’t care about what goes on in the world and how wealth is created (or lost) 😉

Experience Built through Booms and Busts

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I have been an active investor since the mid 1980s.  My introduction was in stagging the public stock flotations in Great Britain (if only it was always so easy to make money!).  I went on investing in stocks and options. During my MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management, I took a break from the stock market – along with a short term hit to my wealth.  In the dotcom boom I made and lost a fortune like so many others.  I became a lot more cynical of where politicians and bankers were leading world economies.  This cynicism helped me mitigate the great 2008/09 crash, and even more importantly to be well positioned for the recovery.

My background is as a software engineer, and after my MBA I have specialized in marketing with high-tech and software companies. Since I have high exposure to software in my career, I tend to diversify and focus on other sectors for financial investment.  In practice this leads me to avoid most of the hyped momentum stocks.

Investment Style

My investment style is overwhelmingly to buy with a one year plus time-frame.  I complement my core long-term positions with more active trades, which include taking on leverage when the risks warrant.  I also take a contrarian view which often means that I take some short-term losses and the bulk of the gains take time to realize.  I spent many years looking at the fundamentals of stocks and investing based on that.  I have seen too many times though, when apparently sound fundamentals get crushed out of nowhere.  My style has now matured where I take a big picture, macro view of which the secular trends are, and then use some fundamental analysis, with a very heavy dose of technical analysis to help choose specific stocks and determine entry and exit timing.

What I will Share in this Blog

During all these years I have refined my skills, and proved to myself (it is all about wealth creation) that I could deliver returns over the up- as well as down-cycles.  The lessons I have learned along the way have been extremely expensive which made them so much more valuable – and I will share all my lessons learned.  In in this blog I will give detailed insights to my portfolio mix and trades.  Most important though, is the thinking process that I will share, as well as the tools and sources that I use.  My aim in writing this blog is absolutely not to provide any trading recommendations, rather it is to teach readers to fish.

In order to provide a quick into for future visitors, I’ll cross post this to the About page.


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